Our Story
Collin's Version

Before I met Raja in person, I knew him from a distance. The first time I saw him was when I was leaving a dance rehearsal. He was so cool. I admired his work for some time. In the summer of 2015, I needed a place to stay and Bryan and Shaina offered to host me. I remember being so excited because it would mean getting to know Raja better. The first night, Raja put on one of my favorite movies of all time Mullholland Drive. One night Raja invited me to stay in his air conditioned room. After that things moved pretty quickly. As I got to know Raja more I realized that he possessed all the qualities that I wanted in a partner. He made me laugh. He loved adventures. His curiosity about the world inspired me to no end. On August 25, 2015 Raja confronted me. He wanted us to commit to being together. I was nervous and also felt myself falling in love. I asked him to "go steady" with me. He said yes.

Raja's Version

Saw Collin dancing, thought he was great at dancing, but wasn't interested romantically. Saw Collin at a party a few months later- thought he was so sweet, and I wanted to marry him. Collin, then sublet a room in my apartment and I was really not interested at all. Then he moved out and I wanted him back- forever. To this day, Collin teaches me the value of patience.

The Version we will tell our kids

It was either, New Years Eve, July 4th or a Dance Show, but Collin likes to say he knew of Raja before Raja knew of Collin. Raja likes to say Collin was not for him, until he was, BUT we can agree that Bryan and Shaina Baira finally brought us face to face.

So soon after meeting we began working together in the feath3r theory. On a summer residency Raja professed his love to Collin, at the last minute of a walk through. He knew Collin was the one.

There were two engagements: May 19, 2018 After a concert in the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn (Brahms vs Radiohead) Collin took Raja to The Farm on Adderly restaurant. It was empty and Collin said "yes" and handed over a ring to Raja across the table. 24 days later Raja slipped a ring on Collin's hand in his sleep. And the story continues.

Do you know the one about "Bobby" and "Tuna"

If you don't know the story of Bobby and Tuna. Here is your chance to be caught up.

Raja, picky picky Raja is not a fan of the endearing terms like "Sweetheart", "baby", or "Honey". Sweet Sweet Collin loves to say "my love".

On a whim, Raja started calling Collin "Bub" cause it sounded like "babe" but wasn't. Collin was still calling Raja "My love".

okay, so when Raja met Collin's dad, Tim- he noticed that Tim called Collin "Bub"- So did Raja start this, did Tim hear it from Raja? Why didn't Collin say anything?

Turns out that Tim has been calling Collin "Bub" forever- WOAH- weird!

So, Raja migrated to "Bobby" because it sounded like "Baby" and wasn't "Bub".

Raja shared with Collin that he was called "Tuna" as a child, and from his best friend Laura (Raja's Woman of Honor) but doesn't know why. (shurg emoji) Collin adopted the term to match Raja's "Bobby".

Since then, Raja and Collin, when feeling sweet, refer to each other as "Bobby" and "Tuna" and have a shared gmail calendar called "Bobby and Tuna's Adeventures" where they schedule movie dates, date nights, travel, dog walks and wedding planning, and all things for there ongoing future life together.